After a mature Derby win, Arsenal supporters dream of a championship.

The double crown year of 1971 and the subsequent title win with Tottenham under Arsene Wenger are still remembered and celebrated in the songs of Arsenal fans.

And a superb and mature performance in a 2-0 victory over Spurs has made Arsenal’s older fans chant again after he had a comfortable eight-point lead over his league leaders in the Premier League. started.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal are still a long way from being champions, and that win wasn’t the White Hart Lane of old, but unless they’re confident in their ability to be champions again after this recent win, they’re I will never do that.

An altercation between Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale and Spurs substitute Richarlison was later kicked out by home fans, temporarily detracting from the climax of the victory.

Once the situation calmed down, Arteta pulled his players, including Ramsdale, out of the confusion and moved the length of the field to join the cheering Arsenal supporters in the corner of the stadium. In charge of championship races. The North London Derby Double has ended successfully. Arsenal exudes security and trust. They deserved such a dominant position as they were the best team in the Premier League in his first 18 games.

It must have been a one-of-a-kind performance for Arsenal to produce something more impressive this season than his first 45 minutes here. In those 45 minutes, they comfortably outscored Spurs and won a derby outside the Emirates Stadium for the first time since March 2014. Arsenal went to Tottenham knowing that a win would not only end their losing streak, but would certainly put Manchester City in the lead. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

But when the Arsenal players felt the pressure they handled it admirably in the first half, a low shot from Martin Haudegaard and an own goal from Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris gave him a 2-0 lead. robbed.

Arsenal have consistently passed these tests this season. Next Sunday, we will face Manchester United’s revival team at home. They defeated their last enemy by gracefully passing this ordeal. Spurs seemed to be on track, but Arsenal had a fresh leg.

There’s still more than half the Premier League season left, and a lot can still happen. But with defending champions Manchester City struggling, Liverpool in a nightmare, Chelsea going through a chaotic transition and Manchester United rebuilding, Arsenal won his 2003 Invincibles with his For the first time since winning the season (-04), they are more likely to close the league.

Sometimes luck is on your side and opportunities come your way. Week after week, this seems like a big chance for Arsenal.

We still have a lot of work to do, including this month’s transfer market.

Shakhtar Donetsk striker Mikhail Mudrik, who unexpectedly pledged allegiance to Chelsea in London, is missing from Arsenal and an attacking reinforcement as Gabriel Jesus is absent for a long period of time. is required.

With Tomas Party’s growing influence in midfield, Arteta will be desperate to prevent a recurrence of his previous injury woes.

But in this case, Arsenal looked like a cohesive unit, from the ferocity, pace, passing and threat of the first half to the steel of the second half, where their determination was tested by Spurs’ signature improvement. Ramsdale has excelled in the face of increasing pressure and has risen to the point where every Arsenal defender counts. Meanwhile, the usual debate over the team’s fighting spirit and endurance has come to an end.

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