Audrey and Julian have been friends since the Gossip Girl reboot

The Gossip Lady reboot struggled for a while to decide on his personal protagonist-driven feud, but after Gossip Lady Season 2 Episode 7 in 2021, Selina cracked more than the rest of Gossip Lady. often caused a lot of trouble, so he may have had to find the right rivalry for the reboot. The Gossip Ready season 1 reboot initially tried to pin Julianne (Jordan Alexander) and Zoya against each other, but their fight stopped as soon as it started.

Then, in 2021’s Gossip Lady season 2, it was noted that Monet launched Constance his billard hood his chain. By proxy, much like Julian’s rivalry with Zoya, the animosity between Monet and Julian eventually faded, leaving them with very different goals but still united. All these potential threats to Julien’s standing and assaults in opposition to her weren’t solely short-lived but in addition fights Julien didn’t wish to interact in. Blair and Serena’s feuds within the authentic Gossip Lady as an alternative had them equally invested within the fights and in defending their positions, one thing that might now occur with Julien and Audrey’s (Emily Alyn Lind) feud.

Audrey & Julien Had A Blair & Serena Like Tussle

Though Julien and Audrey steadily supported one another all through the Gossip Lady reboot seasons 1 and a couple of, with their friendship showing as one of many few secure relationships in Julien’s life, Julien’s conduct throughout Audrey’s father’s go to and her following missteps solely aggravated Audrey. Julien’s reveal that to carry all people accountable she slipped faux rumors to Gossip Lady solely angered Audrey extra, because it confirmed that by defending solely herself within the Gossip Lady reboot season 1 Julien didn’t deal with her buddies as her equals. Julien’s interference with Kiki’s line launch was the final straw for Audrey, as as soon as once more Julien ruined issues by actively making an attempt to unravel them.

2021 Gossip Lady season 2 episode 7 had Audrey gladly take a break from Julien, however Julien was nonetheless largely unhappy about her greatest good friend’s opinion of her. It’s unclear when Julien will combat again, but when she did, hers and Audrey’s combat may very well be the Gossip Lady reboot feud to probably rival Blair and Serena’s. In spite of everything, Audrey’s observations highlighted her distaste for Julien solely desirous about her and what would enhance her scenario, overlooking how her actions affected her buddies, which was one thing Blair typically scolded Serena for. Their pre-existing friendship and Audrey’s bottled-up emotions about Julien might make their feud comparable in power to Blair and Serena’s.

Audrey & Julien Ceasing Being Buddies Is Like Blair & Serena At Yale

Certainly, Audrey’s resolution to be finished with Julien’s antics echoed Serena’s proposal to simply finish her friendship with Blair at Yale, after that they had resorted to bodily preventing one another to settle their scores. Blair said Serena’s trip to Yale didn’t live up to her expectations, but she also didn’t want Serena to disappear from her life. brings the two pals closer together and brings a whole new perspective to each other in the Gossip Lady reboot.

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