Don’t do this if you play a wind instrument.

If you want to learn how to play a wind instrument, visit a music store near your home. There are many kinds in this shop, so you should choose one. For example, flute, piano, saxophone, harmonica and other types. Or there are a lot of people selling online these days. Therefore, buying this instrument will not be difficult. Well, as soon as you buy it, you start looking for different information on how to play it correctly. Now, you’re so excited about learning to play a wind instrument that you’re more focused on finding simple learning tips than looking for information about what not to do with a wind instrument. , This is very important because this error can not only easily damage the wind instrument, but also affect your health.
what can’t you do? And what are the consequences if this happens? Please note the following:

eat candy before playing

After drinking a sweetened drink, there is usually a residue of sweetened water mixed with saliva (saliva). When playing this instrument, this mixed saliva can leak out and end up on the instrument. This can make cleaning difficult.

eat while playing

Play an instrument and have a snack in between. This is also strongly discouraged. As with the first point, blowing the instrument can cause debris to enter the instrument. If done frequently, these crumbs can build up over time and change the sound of the instrument.

leave after playing

It is best to clean your instrument immediately after playing. No need to disassemble and clean, just wipe the surface of the instrument clean and store it again. However, instruments like pianos may be easier to clean. Rinse the piano hose and hang until all the water in the hose is dry.

take turns playing

Do not lend your wind instrument to others. Remember that the mouth can be a vehicle for various diseases. Never do that, even if it’s a relative.

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