Harley Quinn has the entire DC Universe on her back

Batman, Superman, and Surprise Girl may be DC Comics’ long-term faces, but Harley Quinn is eyeing the crown. With Harley Quinn:
Voted #1 in DC Comics, Quinn acknowledges that she carries the DC Universe beyond its great heroes, with her comedy books, movies, video games and many others that have catapulted her to superstardom. It made a simplistic impression in alternative media.

Harley-Her Quinn appeared as her one of the canonical comedian her characters, but her anti-heroine didn’t formally debut in Batman until her 1990s.
Animated collection. Nonetheless, after starring in her own personal comic strip away from Joker, Quinn went straight to the family title as her adventures in the DC Universe dramatically elevated her stardom. He has admitted that he is aware of bringing back DC models as he has appeared in film assignments, video games, private life animated sequences and comics. With Harley Quinn:
This comedian, who earned his #1 spot on DC Comics, has collected covers of different variations of Harley from different creators. The comedian features an introduction by Dave Wielgosz and artwork by Riley Rossmo, the artist prior to the Harley Quinn ongoing sequence. While welcoming and inviting readers to a variety of food choices, Quinn said she would once again return with “her most profitable DC comedian books, videos of her games, comics, signature movies, and sometimes Metaverse experiences.” I admit that I am doing Given her current status and use in DC Comics and its expanded media, Harley Quinn isn’t entirely wrong in her claims.

Is Harley Quinn carrying the DC Universe?

Whereas Harley Quinn admitting she’s carrying the DC Universe would possibly seem to be a farfetched assertion contemplating Batman, Surprise Girl, and Superman have been the most important pillars of DC Comics for greater than 80 years, within the current day, it is onerous to disclaim her impression. Between her personal profitable ongoing comedian sequence and showing in lots of DC titles in 2022, a number of live-action appearances, starring within the Harley Quinn animated sequence, and her upcoming look in Suicide Squad:
Kill The Justice League, Harley has by no means been extra standard. She positively has a case to be made about carrying the DC Universe proper now, as she’s concerned in each side of the model.

Superman, Surprise Girl, and Batman will at all times be the most important DC Comics heroes – however Harley Quinn has rightfully earned a spot alongside the long-lasting characters. Harley has helped carry the DC model for a while, so her admitting her significance, whereas boastful, is totally true right this moment. Harley Quinn:
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