IU and Lee Jong Suk are one of South Korea’s richest couples

As per Dispatch tradition, Korean celebrity couples are unmasked every year.It’s hot in 2023, and IU and Lee Jong Suk have been dating for half a year. Aside from their apparent chemistry, the two are certainly Korean power he is one of his couple as their combined cash and real estate assets exceed his 100 billion Korean won.

IU has already achieved financial freedom
According to Korean media reports, IU’s net worth is estimated at 52.7 billion won as South China Her Morning Her post was named her K-pop singer with the highest net worth in 2021. In her early 20s, IU said she had saved enough to live on for the rest of her life and said she didn’t need to make any more money.

Known for investing in the real estate industry, IU owns over 20 billion won in real estate assets. She bought a luxury luxury home worth 13 billion won in cash in Cheongdam-dong, affluent Seoul. Her other assets include her 4.6 billion won studio in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, and a scenic mansion in Yangpyeong County worth her 2.2 billion won, where the surrounding land is worth her 800 million won. included.

She Jong Suk is one of the highest earners in South Korea

Likewise, Jong Suk has a surprising amount of wealth due to his investments and a substantial amount of Korean dramas in his account. In 2016, he acquired a house worth 3.9 billion won in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. After remodeling it into a two-story coffee shop, it was sold for 5.95 billion won in 2020. While making huge profits from real estate investments, Jong Suk lives comfortably in a luxurious mansion whose price has increased from 7.3 billion won to 12 billion won today.

Based on his performance fees since 2014, Jong Suk is said to have earned 17.5 billion won. The actor also shows great potential to achieve more wealth when he wins the Grand Prize at the 2022 His MBC Drama Awards for his compelling performance as The Prisoner of Big Mouth.

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