Jesse J.D. makes up his mind on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Celebrities start the new year with big plans for the future.

In an interview with Fox Information Digital, the stars shared their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to improve in 2023.

“I want to keep the Dancing with the Stars character I picked up from now on. He was such a presence,” said American singer Jesse James Decker. “But I really loved this current health journey.”

In addition to fitness, Decker has to prioritize her three children.
“I just want to go on trips, especially beautiful and adventurous, with my kids. I love doing things like that with them.”

Countryman Blake Shelton reveals to Fox News his New Year’s Eve decision of ‘one drink a day’ before his new gift, Barmageddon, appears to make it harder for him to reach his goals He joked that “having two extra drinks a day” seemed to put him under pressure.

Shelton’s wife Gwen Stefani said her decision will ensure she gets the latest gardening ideas.

“As I’m educating myself more about gardening, I think my decision will be to make it happen because it’s my new interest in Blake,” she told E! Information from earlier this month.

“And this year was a failed year for gardening. I mean, we had a lot of problems with each other. There was a drought for that to happen. But we are getting smarter and we can have some success next year.

Determined Housewives alumnus James Denton has a big birthday right after the new year, so his decision is also the goal he must achieve as he enters a brand new decade.

“I can take the train, I have health issues. I’m his 60th. This is a very fat birthday. My birthday is in January, so it’s the same as my birthday and resolution. “I had some health issues. I wasn’t overweight, but I had silly issues like the men I used to like had LDL cholesterol and stuff like that,” Denton said. rice field.

Denton explained that he doesn’t normally “stock a lot on his birthday,” but that “this makes [him] a little jaded,” prompting him to make a healthy New Year’s resolution.

‘NCIS’ actress Katrina Regisration, another actress who mixed up her birthday and New Year’s resolutions, told Fox New Digital: Made, she said, “Stay with them.”

Actor Andrew Walker’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around trying to live second and making sure everyone cares about him and feels loved.

“My New Year’s resolution is to try to slow down my life a little bit,” Walker told Fox News. “Take care of me and my family so my spouse will recognize me as one of the best listeners I can be.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart says she doesn’t give much thought to what her New Year’s resolutions for next year will be, and is more likely to choose one thing she can accomplish over something she can’t hand over halfway through the year. she said.

“I don’t know. I’ve decided to tell you guys what my New Year’s resolutions are, but normally it’s like putting the phone down and trying to play a lot with the kids and make extra dinner, but what sticks?” I decided to find out… Maybe I study an e-book a month so I can focus more on my studies.I don’t know,” Hart explained.

One of her actresses who won’t be on the show is Personal Her Follow and Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh, who said, “I never try. I don’t imitate.” “I feel like I’m trying to stay current and have a good life every day. I’m so grateful, I’m so happy, I’m so blessed.”

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