Miss Universe Korea 2022 proves she’s a certified ARMY and reveals her love for BTS

It’s easy to see why Hannah Kim was named Miss Universe Korea 2022. Hannah Kim is a beautiful model, talented ballerina, former English teacher and an experienced linguist.

Hannah Kim, 28, through her title of Miss Her Universe Her Korea 2022 sadly lost her father to cancer at the age of 19, using her own platform to suffer from cancer We want to advocate and help people.

She also hopes to represent empowerment and trust through her position.

In December, she answered fan questions via Miss Universe’s social media. In the interview, she shared her message for today’s youth, life skills she learned through ballet, and her favorite K-Pop artists and K-dramas.

She said her favorite K-drama at the time of her interview was Extraordinary Advocate Woo, which was considered one of her best K-dramas of 2022 by industry insiders. made it clear.

As for her favorite K-pop artist of hers, she shared that she couldn’t wait for someone to ask her out, and soon she was certified as an ARMY of hers, and the reason is very I leaked that there is a meaning in

I’m an ARMY and a big fan of BTS. I love their songs, their performances, but also what they say. They actually speak for many different people who are suffering and who are losing hope. I really love her because her songs gave me hope during a difficult time in her life.

– Hannah Kim

Recently, she once again proved her ARMY status with a video with Miss Her Universe Her Cambodia 2022, Manitahan.

In her video, Hannah Kim showed off custom phone cases and phone wallpapers, revealing her prejudice against BTS.

Her phone case proudly featured “Jungkook,” while the wallpaper on her phone featured Jungkook from her BTS “Butter” days. Even Miss Universe Korea 2022 can’t help but show her love for BTS and their associated AF.

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