NCT Has Perfect Casting Proposals For ‘Singles Inferno’ Season 3

The Netflix single “Inferno” was a hit in both Season 1 and Season 2. In Korean dating shows like K-dramas, viewers are invested in every episode as they watch single men and women try to find their perfect mate on an island (Inferno).

Both seasons of the show featured notable contestants, including former K-pop idols from the first season, social media influencers, and celebrity dancers.

The single Inferno 2 also featured a fairly high-profile cast, including former Miss Her Korea and other beauty pageant contestants, her two actresses who have appeared on Netflix, and her two YouTubers.

The show has become hugely popular around the world, so it’s no surprise that even K-pop idols have watched this fun dating show. And during a recent live broadcast, NCT 127’s Jungwoo shared that he’s been watching Singles Inferno.

As soon as Jungwoo mentioned Inferno in his single, the rest of NCT 127 chimed in, jokingly suggesting that one of his members should be cast in the next season.

Yuta and Doyoung think that Johnny is a perfect fit for the show.

And not surprisingly, NCTzens were able to find the perfect clip to show how Johnny fits perfectly into the show (and also showed off her great sense of humor). Can’t you see him walking on the beach while other contestants stare at him in awe? There’s also no denying that Johnny is an ideal candidate as he’s charming, funny, talented, and incredibly nice.

And while Johnny might be a good fit for Singles Inferno, the member also said Tale could be a good fit for the reality show Transit Love.

Jokes aside, the chances of such a popular idol appearing on a romance show are low, but considering former idol Kang So-yeon appeared in Season 1, it’s not impossible.

But for now, fans are instead looking forward to upcoming dating shows like Romance Before Debut, especially since her Single’s Inferno hasn’t even been confirmed for a third season.

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