SF9’s Rowoon may appear in a new historical drama!?

On the 19th, industry insiders reported that Rowoon will be appearing in the upcoming drama “Send Me To You.” Rowoon’s agency, FNC Entertainment, commented on the report, saying, “‘Sending Me to You’ will be Rowoon. One of the casting offers received by.

“Sending Me to You” is a comical romance set in the Joseon Dynasty. A story about young widow Jung Seung-deok and young widow Shim Jung-woo meeting and struggling together to marry four girls representing Joseon.

Rowoon was offered the role of Shim Jung Woo. Shim Jung Woo is a smart and naturally good looking person who can’t help but look over his shoulder when he walks by. When he turned 17, the princess fell in love with him and he became the king’s son-in-law, so he could not stay in the spotlight. However, the princess collapsed during the wedding, leaving Shim Jung-woo as the king’s widow and son-in-law at the age of 17. All this leads to him entering the matchmaking business and working to marry young rural girls by order of the king.

After garnering a lot of anticipation for appearing in the hit series “King’s Love,” it could be Rowoon’s next period drama.Roeun is also preparing for the upcoming drama “You and Fate,” starring Jo Bo Ah. I’m inside.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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