Taxi Driver season 2 airs on February 17th

Following the success of 2021 Korean drama Taxi Driver, the latest trailer and official air date for Season 2 have finally been revealed. Scheduled to air on February 17, the lead actor Lee Je-hoon and the cast and staff will return.

Centered around a secret taxi company with vigilante employees helping citizens and victims of injustice, Taxi Driver 2 promises action-packed crime-fighting twists and turns.

The cast returns with Kim Eui-sung, Jang Hyuk-jin, Pyo Ye-jin, and Bae Yoo-ram, with Shin Jae-ha returning as the youngest and newest member. The actor has previously starred in many popular dramas such as While You Were Sleeping, Ghost Detective, VIP, and My Stranger Family. Fans are disappointed that lead actress Esom couldn’t return for Season 2 due to scheduling conflicts, but many are looking forward to the new season with new characters in February.

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