The most expensive series in Netflix history is on air, but what kind of series is Sandman?

Sandman, the most expensive series ever produced in Netflix’s history, will soon be available on Netflix. What can we expect from Sandman, who shook the world with comics?

I think we are all used to adapting previously published comics into movies and TV series. We are generally accustomed to tying novels to background stories and beautiful works we see. The situation is similar with Netflix’s highest-grossing series, Sandman. Released on the Vertigo label by DC, sub-publisher of hard-to-follow, more adult stories, Sandman made a huge impact and became a global phenomenon, changing the benchmarks of the many award-winning genre. , which became the forerunner of other series. come. it happened. After this manga came out and became popular, there was a question about what would happen if it was made into a series. You will find answers to these questions in no time.

Who is Sandman, the most expensive TV series character? When comics were just getting started, DC Publishers produced a gas-masked hero right after Batman’s massive success. Comic book lovers sympathized with this hero, dubbed The Sandman, but he failed to become as popular as the others. In the ’90s, the character was one of the comic book adventurers, but he didn’t appear outside of a few places where he made guest appearances.

In the late 1980s, DC updated the character named Sandman. For this production, they settled on Neil Gaiman, known for various works such as American Gods, Stardust, Coraline and Children of Anansi. Things have moved to another dimension for heroes who are usually told their own stories. With various ideas and management support, a new Sandman was born.

Are you ready to meet Morpheus, Lord of Dreams?

Sandman, the protagonist of the most expensive series Sandman, belongs to the Endless family (that is, known in Turkish translation as “Daimirror”). In total, his family has seven siblings. These siblings are listed in order from oldest to youngest as follows:
Destiny, Death, Dream, hero means Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despire and finally Delirium. These characters aren’t technically brothers, but they wield power in the field they represent and dominate that field.

Normally dark-haired and pale-skinned, Morpheus can take any form, but he can also change appearance depending on who sees him. He has very different powers and traits, so I don’t think it’s wrong to call this character immortal.

The Sandman has been called a legend for many years. With 75 issues, this comic is developing like an anthology.In the content of these stories, Sandman, who is actually the main character, appears as a guest actor or a supporting character. Because of this, you can see different situations in the series.

So what does the series tell us?

If you check out the trailer for The Sandman, the most expensive series released by Netflix, you can see the characters and events in his first two volumes of the first season comic. Characters progress one by one, so it’s not difficult to get to know them.

As evident from our analysis of the trailer, the event kicks off with Roderick Burgess imprisoning a dream character in the trailer. Dream (Tom Sturridge) portrays a character in the comics who has been trapped in a jar for 70 years. Later he escapes from here looking for his powers and personal belongings taken from him.A surprise in the simplest way It is possible to explain in a non-destructive way, but it is cumbersome!

The Corinthian character, played by Boyd Holbrook, also appears in a scene in the trailer. He is a character who escapes the world as a blind, possessed human. In the final scene, we can see this character along with characters such as Rita Hall, Gilbert, and Rose.

Sandman, the most expensive series, holds a very important place in the history of comics, almost as important as other phenomena, Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Let’s see if we can make the

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