The Motion picture “Jet Lag” Storyline Dramatization Comedy Sentiment Film Review

“Jet Lag” is the older version of “Before Sunrise”. In both films, two travelers meet Cute by chance and spend a long night in different cities, talking, eating, hunting, hiding and revealing themselves. . The difference between the two films is a little disappointing. In “Before Sunrise” (1995), Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are young students and roam Vienna, meeting fortune tellers, street poets and trade friendly. In “Jet Lag”, Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche should be 20 years old, and although they are in Paris, they do not walk the streets or meet attractive people, but they meet and airport lounges, hotels and tourist hotels. . Young people talk about rebirth, dreams, death, etc. Adults talk about abusive boyfriends, parental separation and cooking. That’s the whole story, there: young people have their lives ahead of them and hope. Seniors continue to work, socialize, work and play. Although “Jet Lag” has a touching interest, we can’t help but think that tonight they are together is the most exciting time that any character has had for many years. they are out of mind. Also read Beast stole the show

However, there are moments of inspiration. Some of them include Binoche’s makeup. If you know him for the many films Revoir Paris Film Complet (he won an Oscar for “The English Patient”), you know that he has a fresh and creative perfection. As we see her before in “Jet Lag”, she wears a lot of make-up of the wrong type, and she doesn’t look good. Makeup is her business, vaguely. At some point, she cleans everything and looks young and beautiful. Because the director, Daniele Thompson, spends most of the film to examine his actors, this change has a lack of interest in Binoche’s behavior. Reno is a French star with no head, often with a beard of about two weeks, which can be seen in the movie (“La Femme Nikita”). Here, he is calm and funny, and we treat him like a famous chef who was once great but is now rich. When Binoche’s character is made into a vinaigrette and she likes it, their fate can be like a sign.

The plan is based on technical skills. They met because he wanted to borrow her phone. When their flight is cancelled, he offers to keep her in his hotel room, the last one in the airport. We meet her current, former, and possibly future boyfriend, a jealous fanatic. We hear about how Reno’s character came out of the life of his father, who is also a famous chef. They keep getting calls on the wrong phone.

But somehow, none of that really matters. Rodeo Full Movie is designed as it should be, as if it depends on whether they are in love or not. The beauty of “Before Sunrise” is that no preconceived notions are necessary. They talk, they walk and the movie (directed by Richard Linklater) is content to let them do it, without putting obstacles and false motives.

I don’t know if the gap between these two films is due to the difference in the filmmakers or the age difference. We may have recklessness around 20 we lost, maybe carefully, around 40. One thing I am sure of: when you are 20 years old, you know that one night can change your life forever, and when You are 40 years old, not only do you have doubts, but you have a kind of calmness. A hunter’s story

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