The pastor speaks out after the library changes his mind about hosting the pastor’s story hour: “Faith belongs to the public domain

A Massachusetts pastor speaks out after allowing the Chelmsford Public Library to change its mind and host the ‘Pastor Story Hour’ after an earlier decision to cancel the event.

Shepherd’s Church pastor Kendall Lankford spoke with Fox News Digital about the details leading up to the battle with the library, the local protests that followed, and his own story of how drag queens became popular. Discussed how to pass the lesson. Kid-friendly reading.

The story began when Lankford contacted the library. He received instructions on how to reserve a room for reading and completed an online form. The event was approved a few hours later. Intending to provide a Christian perspective on gender, he read from two books titled “God Maid Boys and Girls.”
Helping Children Understand the Gift of Gender” and “Jesus and My Gender”.

Kirk Cameron asks public libraries for Story Hour reading spaces:
“I am ready to exercise my rights in court.

Reverend Kendall Lankford reading to students during the Pastor Story Hour at Chelmsford Public Library on January 13, 2022.
Reverend Kendall Lankford gives a reading at Pastor Story Time at Chelmsford Public Library on January 13, 2022. (Kendall Lankford)

He said the book helped spread the message that men and women are equal, inherently good, but also different.

“I didn’t use the words intersection theory or critical race theory, but that’s the world we live in. If you’re a boy, you’re less victimized than a girl. I tried to show them – it’s good that you became a boy. I’m glad you made me a girl. ”

“Every kid in the room has it. It’s the adults who are confused,” he added.

Lankford has since received a number of angry comments denouncing homophobia, transphobia and bigotry on the phone and on his social media. Many called on him to cancel the event, labeled the Shepherd’s Church a “hate group”, and compared Lankford to Hitler. He said he was committing child abuse. They point to a Jan. 4 blog post by Lankford, in which he described drag queens as “adult perverts who like to sexualize children.” When asked by Fox News Digital about his comments, Lankford said he stands by his own words.

“We’ve reached a society where you can’t even have a meaningful discussion unless someone throws a tantrum. The adults seem to have left and we’re in a country full of toddlers – and I I’m not saying it’s inflammatory or mean.

He added that teaching gender in a way that deviates from modern progressive politics and higher education has become so divisive that provocative dialogue on the issue no longer exists.

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